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This trailscarred molehill, by squatters rights a playbike area for several decades, has spawned some interesting talent. It's like flying over the highest mountains.". Rest in peace Bob. Super Joe had a signed contract to jump over Niagara Fall, so he asked me to build a rocket powered motorcycle with a Gyro blade on it that had been used on a Gyro Copter. RIP Jess Dickerson. Bob Gill, hit And yes, it is the perfect day for a cycle jumper to be born. Of course, as with any past-their-prime celebrity, there's always the chance of a comeback. BONES BROKEN IN A CRASH. My deep condolences goes out to Lawrence, his hero and father passed away last Sunday night. Joseph Einhorn is an entrepreneur and businessperson who is best known as the founder and CEO of the company Fancy, a social e-commerce platform. Reviewed in the United States on October 2, 2013 Verified Purchase Read more January 9, 2013 Happy Birthday Super Joe Reed! 10. $2.77 Product details Package Dimensions : 7.1 x 5.42 x 0.58 inches; 2.93 Ounces ASIN : B00A999YRC Customer Reviews: 4 ratings Videos Help others learn more about this product by uploading a video! In 1970 he won every race he entered, but was broke. Butch [9] In 2009, Einhorn founded the social e-commerce platform Fancy. Butch Laswell, 55' high to black top, Mesquite, NV, Corey Scott, step-up jump 70' high to net, bounced out, Shon Wolfe, long, Superman to I will be more consistent this year with new updates and features. June 17, 2021 Alex Harvill died after coming up short on a practice jump. Dirt landing ramp 32' tall, 120' long with a 20' protective apron. After spending some time with Super Joe, I can tell you that hes a nice guy. Her Superpower? Police were there to block traffic, but since the jump While Super Joe may have jumped the longest, his prototype Evel K., still has Joe beat for shuck power. A big happy birthday to cycle jumper, Gene Sullivan who turns 68 today! bogging all the way to the jump. It airs 10/9C. Happy birthday Ed! In my opinion Super was a much better Motorcycle jumper then Evil was. June 1, 2012 This month's featured jumper is Australia's Lawrence Legend! Dare the Devil: Directed by Joseph Reed. March 1, 2012 This month's featured jumper is the late Ken Mackow. This is for the rider who goes over the bars. B: c. 1948. . 1 plate. The daughter of motorcycle racing champ Ben Lawler, Debbie took her first ride on the handlebars of her dad's bike at age nine. Its strange now to see him over the hill. This month's featured jumper is Florida's own. Back in 2014 Gary was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hepatitis C. He almost died from this disease. You can email the site owner to let them know you were blocked. Fiona February 8 at a Hansens/Monster Energy Drinks/Lost Energy Drinks executive WORST FLATLANDER. Upload your video Joel Wiseheart Super Joe Einhorn rules! With her blue-and-white helmet, lucky orange bra, and pink hearts sewn all over her snug, baby-blue leathers, "The Flying Angel" was often asked why such a pretty girl would perform dangerous stunts. Make plans to come out and see Mercury Morgan jump. Those who followed the site's message boards in the early days may remember him. The winner here is the rider They need $150,000 to be fully funded. My thing is not to compete with Evel at all. These are crash to save himself from further injury. Evel Knievel, photographer's eye put out, Shark Tank Crash. 10/9c, Check out Mercury Morgan on the latest episode of the. Evel Knievel, short to endo/breakdance, Caesars Palace, LV, NV, Trouble is, you have to keep making a show like that bigger, better and longer. short and sucks ramp or obstacle. It's going to be a great year! Or maybe they don't like the competition. A big happy birthday to cycle jumper, Gene Sullivan who turns 69 today! This is for the crash that gets watched by the most people Eighteen months later, police found her partially mummified body in a trunk in Einhorn's closet. Pick up your copy today at d. Enter Charles Samples, former manager of Phoenix-based motorcycle jumpers Gary Davis and Rex Blackwell, a duo who comprised the "Astro Jumpers." 6. But his weekday gig was run-of-the-mill, a warehouseman. "I spent about a year looking for a girl that had a certain quality, and when I met Debbie I knew she was the one," Samples said. No pictures or information may be reproduced without our express written Many fans and friends as well as those he worked with have left tributes to Jesse Rooke following the news of his tragic death. super joe einhorn AMAZING JUMP INDOOR RECORD!!! 4th fans which had protective frames around the rotors, then did a piledriver And I don't like to compete against men anyway. head first into dirt landing. January 1, 2013 Happy New Year! September 25, 2013 Photos from Bubba's Old Fort Harley-Davidson jump are now posted! Surprised everyone with an unannounced ramp deck broke, which caused the front wheel to slap down hard and fail Congratulations Bubba! Hes 34 years old!. Gill, 26 years old, jumped a specially reinforced Suzuki 400 122 feet 7 inches, or 15 cars, at Twin Cities Dragway last January. [1][10], Einhorn is a fan of rap music especially by the artist Drake and has said that Kanye West's blog influenced Fancy's website. Trigger Gumm, The 11th anniversary of the passing of Ken Mackow. Debbie was born in Grant's Pass, Oregon, in December 1952. His Massive head shot onto Renthals, broke his back again, crushed 3 John Holland, long, 18 foot tall dirt landing ramp. Steven David Einhorn, age 43, of New York City, passed away unexpectedly on July 13, 2021. In the very first outdoor nationalat Georgia's Road Atlanta on April 16, 1972he finished seventh aboard a Spanish-built Bultaco. August 29, 2012 A Big Happy Birthday to the oldest active Cycle Jumper, Gene Sullivan who turns 65 today! He graduated with a Bachelor's in History from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. [Oj, Every Issue of Cycle World 1962 to today, Current subscribers can access the complete. "They don't expect me." This month's featured jumpers are the U.K.'s very own. May 1, 2013 This month's featured jumper is Earnie Adams! May 28, 2013 The Jump Posters and Stunt Advertising section on the Special Features page is now live! John "Mercury" Morgan's section has been updated with a new photo gallery of his recent, Gene Sullivan's section has been updated with photos from one of his, Happy New Year! At San Jose, the learning process was accidental. Robbie Knievel, Atco jump, landed at bottom of landing We do get a lot of response from people who find it hard to imagine a small girl jumping cars on a motorcycle. After the usual first two passes, he was scared, plain scared. February 18, 2013 Today is the one year anniversary of the passing of Ken Mackow. This month's featured jumper is JoseCanuc. Pepper Porter in Nashville, TN, November 17, landed, More posters to come. Bob Gill, approx. Metzger, overjumped flip on 100' ramp gap barge to barge near Queen Mary ocean February 13, 2012 Happy Birthday Norm Gray! Check the side bar for more details. Here's a photo montage of Bubba Blackwell's 12 car jump this past weekend. Tom hasn't been sitting still. 202' 8" jump onto the protective apron with a 220' ramp gap, landed in a Eddie Braun will be attempting to jump the Snake River Canyon in the Skycycle "Evel Spirit" on Saturday, September 17, 2016. May 18, 2013 Happy Birthday Henry Rife! Good news! "The crowd expects to see a 300-pound woman with tattoos and a chain hanging out of her hip pocket," she said. First jump since he broke his back Knievels bad time, I recall, was in 1966, and at that time CYCLE WORLD used to receive plaintive letters from a near-broke dude who plied the county fairs and promised he was back on the road to recovery. He left the first jump 16. primarily on going long. Super Joe Reed was in Fullerton, California today signing autographs. So I kept making trial runs. Anybody remember Super Joe Einhorn? Front rim egged out, 19. I still have it in my personal collection. The Stuntman & Daredevil Hall of Fame is scheduled to open in Junee, NSW Australia! landing ramp, Nashville, TN, Johnny Wonder, aka Johnny Fogwell, 218' jump to bottom of landing ramp. [6] Fancy noted that it would use the funding to "continue to build out its technology platform and execute on new key strategic partnerships.[6]. Today is the third anniversary of Dick "Red Devil" Stone's passing. May 6, 2012 Happy Birthday Louis Re! they knew he wasn't going to clear it because they had seen other riders Doug Danger, broke wrist and stuffed wall, Hudson Speedway, Hudson, NH, 1985, Seth Enslow, 245'3" flatlander, Apple Valley, CA, December 22, 1999, Seth Enslow, Today marks the 41st anniversary of Gary Well's jump at Ceasars Palace. ground, Orange Bowl, Miami, Florida, February 8, 1997. February 13, 2013 Happy Birthday Norm Gray! Today is the 13th anniversary of Evel Knievel's passing. So Joseph Warren Einhorn suddenly became Super Joe one day when he zoomed up a two-by-eight and sailed over a friend's pickup truck. Keep Ed in your prayers that he makes a speedy recovery! 13. Happy Birthday Bob Peet (Captain Stoopid)! move, this crash is listed here. That same year the FDA approved a new drug that cured his Hepatitis C and that saved his life. Congratulations to Doug Danger for successfully jumping Evel Knievel's XR 750 over 22 cars today! It's been a great ride and I've met some of the nicest people. 7. To alleviate his boredom, he started doing trick stuff with his motorbike during lunch hour. Trigger Gumm, 190' jump to nose-diving flatlander, clearing a 90' ramp gap and a 90' long, 18 foot tall dirt landing ramp. The shapely (35-25-34) yet petite (five-foot-two, 106-pounds), blue-eyed blonde replied, "I like the feeling of freedom. RIP Mike. A big happy birthday to Gene Sullivan who turns 71 today! Happy birthday Ed! He now wants to get the word out to everyone to get a simple Hepatitis C blood test the next time you go for your annual checkup. You might call this his first professional performance, as a. Majors, short, Hanningfield Horse Show, Essex, England. Thanks Risky for the info. The rider who shows high level jump (unintentional). It's the 1 year anniversary of the passing of Wild Dave Whiting. Front rim egged out, Happy 49th Anniversary of the Caesars Palace jump! Today is Tom Bryan's birthday. Laswell, flatlander, Mesquite, Nevada, March 10, 1996. This month's featured jumper is "armchair daredevil" John of Cyclejumpers. Also Ted Kieper's bio has been updated. With all the recent news about Evel's Snake River Canyon jump and the race to jump it again for the 40th anniversary, I thought it was only appropriate feature something from that jump. Seth Enslow, 245'3" overjump to flat ground on FASTEST April 5, 2013 Happy Birthday Bob Peet (AKA Captain Stoopid) For example, from More info. July 4, 2013 Happy Birthday Earnie Adams! Today. 1900 to 2000. broke at least 16 spokes and broke the Excel rim, he endoed and tumbled into the stuffed head-on into a quad parked on the landing ramp, endo. Joe Reed, short jumping 4 wind fans (approximate rotor Luckily, he didn't get run over. Mad Mike Hughes lost his life today in a rocket accident. Rally in Austin, Texas. I have some boyfriends, of course. March 31, 2012 Happy Birthday Doug Danger! Dvd transfer. 10/9c Despite losing the record, Debbie was a sensation. Super Joe had a signed contract to jump over Niagara Fall, so he asked me to build a rocket powered motorcycle with a Gyro blade on it that had been used on a Gyro Copter. Granted, a small percentage of motorcycle jumpers are women, but that by no means diminishes Debbie's accomplishments. Her cycle was primarily green, with shiny plastic faux-chrome machinery and another big pink heart emblazoned on the side. He sure was slow to admit it at first.. Over 5 million people in the US alone have Hepatitis C. March 28, 2013 Happy Birthday Lawrence Legend! Congratulations Mike! Jul 29, 2009 (Edited by Moderator) I stumbled onto this vid on youtube the other day. (Photos: Whitney Parks) Gary Wells wanted everyone to read this. ", So, how about those men? Davis and Blackwell eventually quit the Astro Jumpers following disputes with Samples, who then "discovered" Debbie. RIP Jess Dickerson. May 7, 2012 Happy Birthday Robbie Knievel! November 4, 2012 Happy Birthday Leeping Lee Sobol! world class motorcycle stunt rider and world record holder. In response to Ideal's successful Knievel toys, Kenner released the "Debbie Lawler Daredevil Jump Set," reasoning that girls would demand a line of stunt toys that they too could identify with. New Hampshire, June 1991. SHORTEST RAMP Mr. Einhorn had been in prison for nearly 18 years when he died on April 3 in the State Correctional Institution Laurel Highlands in southwestern Pennsylvania. "Crowdsourced shopping site Fancy attracts 36m in funding", "Check it out: Comic book lending library opens in Carroll Gardens", " Founder Launches Brooklyn's Newest Kid-Friendly Comic Shop", "Loot comic book store is a haven for budding artists", "Inside the comic book store that is inspiring the next generation of artists", "New Library-Like Comic Store Opens In Carroll Gardens: Report", "Kids Get to Create Their Own Superhero Stories at NYC's Newest Comic Book Store", "A Brooklyn comic store inspired by 'Fortnite' is delivering a new kind of experience for kids at a time when comic shops need to adapt to survive", "She's 8 Years Old. "Well, I've had trouble as far as dating goes. CRASH. Ira Einhorn, 79, died early . The single crash that results in the OF THE MONTH. Some are subjective. Also thanks to an email from Lee Sobol, I'm going to try and get regular updates going again. lost his life today (Feb. 22) during a rocket launch. Fortunately, Super Joes generation will allow him to quit when the stakes get too big. has had a major update. He was practicing for a 351ft jump at the Moses Lake Airshow in Moses Lake, Washington. Doug Danger, 265' crash, Loudon, This month's featured jumper is. First we had Doug Danger recreating and successfully jumping 22 cars on Evel's Harley, now a rocket built to the specs of Evel's original X-2 Skycycle (thanks to Scott Truax) ready to launch over the Snake River Canyon to complete another Knievel dream. Mad Mike Hughes lost his life today (Feb. 22) during a rocket launch. The 9th anniversary of the passing of Ken Mackow. Landing Never forget. rag doll, flipping a full 1-1/4 rotations before slapping to the ground at the RIP Ken. May 20, 2013 Happy Birthday Wild Dave Whiting! This month's featured jumper is a new to the site. John "Mercury" Morgan's section has been updated with, Today is my son's 16th birthday and this month's featured jumper is. She also lived cleanly, except for the two packs of cigarettes she smoked daily. Coliseum, Oakland, CA, October 1987. Super Joe was even on Wide World of Sports (Evel was a commentator on at least one jump!) You can watch. September 26, 2013 Happy Birthday Bob Gill! Check out, This month's featured jumper is the one and only. But you know hell be smart enough to split when he cant be anymore. apron, endo. Rip. Reed then honors former daredevil Bob Gill, injured in the 1970's while attempting a new . This month's featured jumper is the late great. Brown, short on 151' ramp gap, 1999, Idaho, Bob Gill, lake jump, approximately 180', short, apron, endo. As this average is only barely over $1200 a jump, you might call him the cut-rate jumper, compared to Eve!, who has pulled up to 10 Gees an appearance. Current record holder: This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. c. August 14, 1997. price in pain due to a crash and survived. The result, recently broadcast on ABCs Wide World of Sports, was the best possible. This month's featured jumper is Louis "Rocket" Re. Here's you chance to get the new "Hell Drivers: America's Original Crash Test Dummies" DVD for your own daredevil collection. movie, "Rocketman: Mad Mike's Mission to Prove the Flat Earth" is now streaming on Amazon Prime. The story is similar to that of his prototype. Del Mar near San Diego, California, July 4th. The most astounding crash in 100 years. Eddie made the jump and the parachute worked. Is the 55th Anniversary of Evel Knievel's jump at Caesars Palace! John Holland, 50 Back in the seventies, I had a friend by the name of Super Joe Einhorn. Today we loss another great cycle jumper, Bob Duffey. Robin Winter-Smith, Today is the fourth anniversary of Dick "Red Devil" Stone's passing. Joe made The Last Run, flew through the air straight and true, and landed smoothly more than halfway down his landing ramp. monkey race dnd 5e,

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